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Deep Steam Cleaning Services

Deep Steam Cleaning Services

Raising the Standard of Hygiene & Sanitation for 30+ Years

In any working environment, we spend a lot of time sharing common spaces with others. For the sake of everyone’s health, it is essential that public areas and workspaces are clean and healthy environments to be in. Professional steam cleaning on a regular basis prevents your work areas from becoming contaminated by unhygienic amenities and surfaces.

Why Steam Cleaning?

  • Reduce biological, physical, and chemical contamination
  • Reduce the spread of airborne bacteria
  • Prevent build-up of surface bacteria
  • No bacterial resistance from steam
  • No harsh chemicals required
  • Prevent cross-contamination from amenities to work areas
  • Keep workers healthy
  • Water-efficient method of cleaning
  • Safe to use around workers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No risk of damage to all types of machinery including electrical systems, robots, sensors, floors, walls and conveyor belt systems

How Does It Work?

Our Deep Clean with Steam is a treatment that removes surface contaminants using our industrial-grade steam cleaning technology. Without degrading or causing any damage to them, we penetrate surfaces deeply using ultra-fine, dry steam particles from our professional steam cleaning machines. This steam cleaning treatment removes unhygienic dirt build-up, chemical residues and pathogens. Our specialist team and equipment can sanitise those difficult to reach areas to ensure a fresher, safer and more hygienic working environment for any industry. After initial sanitising with dry steam, leave it to our expert team of Cleaning Technicians to perform thorough steam cleaning on a regular basis.

A Holistic Approach to Hygiene

At STS Hygiene, we recommend thorough steam cleaning for all working environments. We understand that hygiene and sanitation are paramount to all businesses, and steam cleaning gives an extra level of sanitisation that regular cleaning cannot achieve. However, our services should not replace day-to-day cleaning and “housekeeping”.

Amenities & Washroom Steam Cleaning

Thorough steam cleaning service by our Cleaning Technicians are designed to support your daily cleaning activities, periodically boosting the sanitation levels of your workplace amenities. Not only does this remove the odour causing bacteria, uric acids, soap, and chemical residues, sanitised amenities are easier for regular cleaning staff to maintain cleanliness. Our Cleaning Technicians can follow up with ongoing steam cleaning maintenance to ensure that your workspaces and amenities are sanitised.

Our signature “Deep Clean with Steam” treatment was developed to control odour from airborne and surface bacteria, mould, viruses and other pathogens within the washroom and office environment. We work with a range of industries to provide deep steam cleaning services for various amenities and washroom facilities. To prevent the spread of potentially dangerous airborne or surface build-up of bacteria, the sanitising power of steam gently and thoroughly draws out and removes the bacteria and other contaminants.

Our Steam Cleaning Services can remove the build-up of odour-causing uric salts, soap residue and pathogens from a range of amenities and washroom facilities:

  • Urinals – stainless steel face, step, rosette, grates and porcelain pig’s ears
  • WC – stainless steel or porcelain bowls, rims, lids, seats
  • Other Fixtures – floors, walls including wall partitions and shower recesses
  • Doors – including the door of airlock area and door handles
  • Floors – grout, tiles and vinyl
  • Taps and basins
  • Mirrors and air vents
  • Seating and windowsills

BioZone Air and Surface Purifying Solutions

On completion of the washrooms and amenities being sanitised, our Cleaning Technicians can install a BioZone AirCare to complement the steam cleaning treatments. This surface sanitisation and air purification solution will also work to keep bacteria, viruses, mould and odours at bay between our steam cleaning services.

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