BioZone MobiZone

Mobile Air Purification & Surface Sanitation For Vehicles, Hotel Rooms, Ensuite Bathrooms, and Personal Spaces

BioZone MobiZone is your go-to personal air purifier which you can take anywhere. This mobile air and surface purifier can be used to create an invisible bubble to sanitise the air around you.

BioZone MobiZone is a lightweight portable air purifier that plugs into the 12V car accessory socket. Suitable for cars, taxis, ride sharing vehicles, trucks, vans and ambulances (includes an anti-slip mat). It can be supplied with a 12V power adaptor for 240V household power outlets that is suitable for hotel rooms, desk top, bedrooms, bathrooms / ensuites and works as a personal space purifier.

The MobiZone works to eliminate from small areas,  airborne bacteria, viruses, mould spores, odours, and pollens. It also can eliminate unwanted chemical fumes from furniture and cooking odours for fresher and more hygienic air and surfaces. Pocket sized and easy for when you are on the go, this is a great companion for travelling and going to the gym to decontaminate the immediate space around you.

BioZone MobiZone model is recommended for:

Healthcare / Aged Care
Hotel Rooms & Ensuites
Patient / Resident Transport
Waiting Areas
Residential Care Rooms
Taxis and Ride Sharing
Desktop Air Purifier
Trucks cabins
Small Reception Area
Home Use
Vehicles and Car Pooling
Home Offices
Bathrooms & Bedrooms

  • Improves air quality
  • A very low allergy / low waste method of bacteria / virus / odour control as there are no chemicals, filters, fragrances or waste materials (batteries / aerosol cans)
  • The sanitising action sanitises difficult to reach areas
  • Healthier home, working and recreational environment
  • No secondary chemical pollution
  • Low voltage and cost effective to operate
  • Quiet Operation
  • Low maintenance – change the UV lamp once a year and the occasional dusting of the vents.
  • Completely chemical free air sanitising – great news for people with skin and respiratory allergies


  • Dimensions (mm): L160 x W82 X D46 
  • Weight:  300 grams (without power adaptor) 
  • Ozone levels: Under 0.03 ppm (within permitted safe limit guidelines) , if the device us used according to the instructions
  • MobiZone (MZ1) – treats an area of up to  4 to 5 m2 
  • MobiZone (MZ11) treats an area of up to 8 m2


Order Codes

  • MobiZone 1: MZ1 Lamp     Order Code:  L-04010
  • MobiZone 11: MZ11 Lamp     Order Code:  L-04025

12V Car Accessory power cord is sold with the MobiZone Air Purifier

To extend the benefits of the MobiZone Air Purifier to your home, gym, office etc, a 12V power adaptor for a 240V household power outlet is available on request.

Order Code: Power Supply PR

No installation required.

Why BioZone?

  • BioZone Kills Viruses
  • BioZone Kills Bacteria
  • BioZone Kills Odours
  • BioZone Kills Chemicals
  • BioZone Improves the Air

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