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Environments within commercial kitchens and food manufacturing plants are perfect habitats for breeding harmful bacteria. If the bacteria in the air and on surfaces remain untreated, it can cause food spoilage and create a negative brand reputation. Indoor air quality in commercial kitchens and food manufacturing sites is negatively affected by soot, cooking oil fumes and odours. Cooking oil droplets in the air combined with food residue make it easy for bacteria and fungi to grow. Microbial decomposition caused by bacteria can release harmful gases which also cause bad odours. There are many bacteria related risks in the food industry which must be addressed to comply with food safety regulations and hygiene standards.

Chemical cleaning products can be very harmful for the environment, personnel and carries the risk of product contamination. Chemicals just offer a temporary solution to cleaning surfaces and cannot be applied to inaccessible surfaces that are out of reach. STS Hygiene offers the most advanced air treatment and odour control systems available. Kill harmful bacteria and get rid of mould, fumes and other harmful particles in the air and on surfaces.


At STS Hygiene we implement our hygienic cleaning programs in two parts.
Part One – Removal of surface contaminates with our deep steam cleaning services.

Our signature “Deep Clean with Steam” treatment was developed to control surface bacteria, mould, viruses and other pathogens. To prevent the spread of potentially dangerous airborne or surface build up of pathogens, the sanitising power of steam gently and thoroughly draws out and removes the bacteria and other surface contaminants.

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Part Two – Improvement of air quality to eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and allergens with BioZone Air and Surface Purifiers.

BioZone Air and Surface Purifiers

To maintain the cleanliness of surfaces, it is important to consider the indoor air is free of bacteria, viruses, mould spores, fumes and odours (harmful pathogens and allergens). Unhealthy air quality will quickly contaminate surfaces. With an improvement of air quality will not only create a more pleasant environment; it will create a healthy environment.

STS Hygiene installs and maintains a variety of BioZone Air and Surface Purifiers suited to your hygiene needs

Ask us about our BioZone Purchase and Rental Options.

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Food Manufacturing Cleaning Solutions

At STS Hygiene, we work closely with your key Maintenance, Plant Engineers and Quality Assurance personnel. As every food manufacturing site has specific cleaning requirements, we provide a cleaning program specifically designed to overcome your cleaning, health and safety issues.

Our signature Deep Steam Cleaning method of cleaning uses technologically advanced industrial steam cleaning equipment to remove bacteria, grease, dust and product build up from all types of equipment and surfaces.

Areas and equipment steam cleaned:

  • Cold Rooms and Loading Docks including Evaporation fan units, Glycol and Freon Units
  • Stairs, walls, floors, ceilings, beams and rapid lift doors
  • Material handling equipment – conveyors and forklifts
  • Walkways (floor and overhead)
  • Machinery, hydraulics, electrical panels and sensors
  • Staff Amenities

Why Use Steam?

Cost savings can be made with up to 95% less water used compared to water blasting. Further cost savings can be made with reduced amounts of food-grade sanitising chemicals and the reduced cost of wastewater disposal.

With low moisture cleaning, surfaces are ready to use immediately after cleaning, so no disruption to the production schedules. It is safe to clean while people are working nearby due to small amounts of water content of dry steam at low psi.

Steam is applied at a very low pressure so the steam will not damage surfaces, bearings, seals, motors, sensors etc.

Our Steam Cleaning Programs

Our steam cleaning programs are flexible to suit your individual cleaning requirements. Our team of Industrial Cleaning Technicians can be engaged for:

  • One-off cleaning jobs
  • Periodical maintenance cleaning contract
  • Shutdown cleaning services
  • Regular cleaning contract

All cleaning services are scheduled to fit in with your production schedules. Our Cleaning Technicians comply with your OH&S and HACCP regulations.

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Food Industry and Cold Room Cleaning Services

To maximise food safety security and the shelf life of the food products, the correct maintenance and cleaning of Food Manufacturing and Storage Facilities is very important.

With a holistic approach to cleaning, our cleaning services can be engaged at any stage of production from paddock to plate (food grower to consumer).

Although all Clients have regular Staff Cleaners / Cleaning Contractors, our cleaning services identify where additional assistance is needed. Our trained Cleaning Technicians provide support and knowledge to improve the hygienic standards of Food Manufacturing Facilities and Distribution Centres.

The Importance of Hygienic Cold Room, Food Distribution and Warehouse Facilities

Food storage facilities have a variety of specific cleaning requirements that address ongoing problems with sanitising, mould removal, air quality and air circulation.

Areas treated are:

  • Pantries and Refrigerators
  • Cool Rooms, Cold Rooms and Walk in Freezer Rooms
  • Loading Docks and Igloos (Truck Docking Areas)

By designing and implementing a cleaning program suited to Clients’ individual needs, our Cleaning Technicians address and resolve areas of concern.

Why Use Steam and Manual Cleaning in Food Storage Facilities?

Most Clients of Food Storage Facilities are not able to entirely remove food product to another room for a cleaning program to be carried out. They just do not have the storage capacity. For this reason, vast amounts of water (water blasting) or large amounts of chemical cannot be used while cleaning a Food Storage Facility. By steam cleaning the Food Storage Facility, only small amounts of water and food-grade sanitising chemical is used. In some cases, no chemical is allowed in production / storage areas (no tainting of food with the fumes from chemicals), so the degreasing and the sanitising of surfaces is made possible by dry steam cleaning.

Walk in Freezer Rooms are another example where copious amounts of water cannot be used for cleaning and sanitising surfaces because of the possibility personnel slipping over on icy floors. Steam cleaning gently melts the ice on floors, around doors seals and other surfaces, then the vacuum attachment removes the wastewater for disposal. This is also an ideal method of cleaning up after product spills.

Our Cleaning Technicians will use a variety of cleaning methodology to:


  • Remove waste food product, dust and grime from walls, floors, ceiling, racking
  • Forklift and Pedestrian barriers and bollards
  • Truck docking stations and loading docks
  • X-ray machines, material handling and conveyor equipment
  • Fan Cooler Units


Removal of pathogens, mould and biofilm from surfaces with or without chemical.

Benefits of Cleaning the Cold Room Fan Units

  • Increase air flow of clean air circulating within the area
  • Maximise the efficiency and extend the life of the fan units
  • Reduce power costs
  • Compliance with OH&S and HACCP
  • Protection of Clients’ products – decreased airborne bacteria and fire risk

Scheduled Cleaning Programs

One-off cleaning:

  • Resolving hygiene issues at any time and prior to food safety cleaning audits.
  • Detailed industrial cleaning as part of a shutdown maintenance program.

Periodical cleaning:

  • To assist the regular Staff or Contract Cleaners with their cleaning schedules.
  • Our Cleaning Technicians undertake cleaning jobs the regular cleaning team is not able to do nor qualified to undertake, such as Working at Heights and Confined Spaces.

Regular contract cleaning:

Our Cleaning Technicians can be engaged for regular contract cleaning. They will work closely with QA/QC, Maintenance Managers and Plant Engineers to assist with HACCP compliance at a time to suit your production schedules.

Need assistance with your factory cleaning schedules, contact us – we are here to help you.


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Food Manufacturing Air Quality Solutions

STS Hygiene uses advanced air and surface purification technology to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, mould and eliminate odours and harsh fumes from the indoor environment. Air and Surface Purifiers are especially effective for creating and maintaining good air quality and surface hygiene in enclosed environments that are often difficult to thoroughly clean.

STS Hygiene recommends a variety of BioZone Air and Surface Purifiers suited to your hygiene needs.

The BioZone Air and Purifiers are cost effective and easy to maintain for optimal performance.

Helping your industry with your COVID Safe Plan.

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BioZone Product Selection Guide

BioZone AirCare: For Washrooms, Staff Amenities, Locker Rooms, PPE Rooms and small Waste Rooms.

BioZone Mini PowerZone: For Cold Rooms, Loading Docks, Garbage Disposal Areas (large or outdoors) for the control of bacteria and mould.

BioZone Mini PowerZone: Rapid decontamination of large amounts of airborne and surface bacteria and odour.

BioZone MobiZone: To control bacteria, viruses and odour within the truck cabins.

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Industrial Steam Cleaning Equipment for Food Manufacturers

Steam cleaning machines and task designed tools are used by Contract Cleaners that need to ensure thoroughly degreased and sanitised equipment and surfaces. This water efficient method of cleaning uses minimal amounts of water and chemical to remove grease and grime and to control surface bacteria, viruses and mould.

Why Use Steam?

The gaseous form of steam kills bacteria, excellent degreaser and chemical free sanitiser, is very low psi and poses no risk of damage to all types of surfaces including equipment; all can be cleaned efficiently and ready to use immediately after cleaning. Steam can be used safely around other Staff members, as the steam is confined to the areas being cleaned.

Sales of Steam Cleaning Equipment

Our preferred industrial steam cleaning equipment uses 3-phase power of at least 9kW (18kW for mid to heavy industrial cleaning). The more energy input, the drier the sanitising/cleaning action of dry steam. To remove grease, grime and surface pathogens quickly and effectively.

Steam Cleaning Equipment Recommendations:

Steam Cleaning Equipment is suitable for all areas in the Food Manufacturing industry:

For washrooms and Staff Amenities (if 3-phase power is not available).
REA Compact 3000 VAC Steam Machine
Steam Cleaning of Food Manufacturing Equipment for small to mid-sized applications and occasional use.
REA 9kW Steam Cleaning Equipment
Steam Cleaning of Food Manufacturing Equipment for heavy duty applications and frequent use.
REA 18kW Steam Cleaning Equipment

Steam Cleaning Machines

Benefits of Steam

  • To protect the Customers’ reputation and integrity by providing thorough cleaning services and equipment.
  • To protect the environment and maximise company profits by using less water and chemical.

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