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As experts working across a range of industries for many years, our team at STS Hygiene specialises in providing high quality products and services for hygiene and sanitation.

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About STS Hygiene

At STS Hygiene, we believe in creating a safe and hygienic workplace for all industries. Our primary focus is to control surface contaminants, airborne bacteria, viruses, mould, biofilm and odours. We are committed to delivering tailored solutions for clients from a range of industries, including Hospitality, Healthcare and Aged Care, Industrial Clients, and more.

Key personnel from our expert team at STS Hygiene have been facilitating industrial cleaning, hygiene services, sanitation services and products for 30+ years. Over time, we have employed innovative changes to our industrial cleaning services that always keep up with regulatory changes within various manufacturing and service industries.

We provide industry-specific hygiene and sanitation programs that include steam cleaning services which are improved by the installation of air purification and sanitation products.


Quality Industrial Cleaning Services and Equipment

  • Industrial Steam Cleaning Services
  • Industrial Steam Cleaning Equipment
  • Professional Cleaning Technicians
  • Industry-Specific Hygiene Solutions

Our Mission

Every day we design and implement innovative cleaning programs that improve the health of our customers, the safety of their workplaces and raise the level of health within our communities.

Our Vision

To be regarded as an industry leader by providing customised cleaning products and services.

Our Values


Our Philosophy

At STS Hygiene, our philosophy is to provide cleaning services and cleaning equipment that are not detrimental to the workplace nor the environment. We do this by implementing services that use minimal amounts of water and chemical and where possible, low psi while achieving outstanding results.


Our Clients

Our clients can rely on us to comprehensively identify and address their sanitation needs. We deliver an industry-specific program of services and products aimed at keeping their working environments safe. Working with clients in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry and the Healthcare industry means that they have a lot of daily challenges. Our job is to relieve clients from some of their hygiene challenges by identifying problems before they occur. We will assist Quality Assurance (QA) with their ongoing food safety audits that manage client reputation and food safety.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you and your business is to understand your cleaning, hygiene, health care problems and cleaning schedules. According to your needs, we will create a specialised approach to cleaning, in compliance with your OH&S and HACCP requirements which can be implemented by our Cleaning Technicians.

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Everyday we design and implement innovative cleaning programs that improve the health of our customers, the safety of their workplaces that raises the level of health within our communities. Contact us to learn more about our innovative solutions.

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