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Property Management & Shopping Centres

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Property Management & Shopping Centres

Shopping centres have countless amounts of people visiting every day, where community transmission of pathogens, bacteria, viruses and diseases can be spread easily between people. Shoppers are touching the same surfaces and products while breathing air that could have been contaminated by others sneezing, coughing and other airborne impurities. This is also true for shared properties such as large offices and apartments.

Food courts in shopping centres also have a high amount of bacteria and have high risks of cross contamination and food-borne diseases. Highly touched surfaces such as shopping trolleys, escalator and stairway handrails, ATMs and debit machines are highly prone to spreading harmful bacteria and infections. Public restrooms at shopping centres are also a perfect environment for breeding a variety of harmful bacteria, viruses, gastro-intestinal parasites and other pathogens.

Some common and not so common viruses and bacterial infections found in public areas are: Common Cold and Flu, Tuberculosis , Pertussis (Whooping Cough) , COVID – 19, SARS, EV 71 Salmonella (Food poisoning), Streptococcus, Urinary tract infection, E Coli (Urinary tract infection), Septicaemia, Diarrhoea, Hepatitis A, Rhino-virus and many more. Healthcare facilities also harbor other harmful impurities such as fumes from chemical cleaners and air fresheners.


  • To protect our communities from contracting and the transmission of diseases
  • To create a healthier living and working environment.
  • To use chemical free equipment and services that eliminates airborne and surface pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, mould and odours using technologically advanced Air and Surface Purifiers. Protect people and animals from chemical sensitivities.

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Deep Steam Cleaning Services

Our signature “Deep Clean with Steam” treatment was developed to control surface bacteria, mould, viruses and other pathogens. To prevent the spread of potentially dangerous airborne or surface build up of pathogens, the sanitising power of steam gently and thoroughly draws out and removes the bacteria and other surface contaminants.

Deep Clean with Steam is suitable for:

  • Facilities Management – Staff and Public Amenities
  • Kitchens, Food Service and Dining Areas
  • Residential Accommodation Areas
  • Entertainment Areas
  • Waste Disposal Areas and Garbage Chutes

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Property Management & Shopping Centre Solutions

Air and Surfaces Purifiers used by STS Hygiene offer the best solution for maintaining hygiene in shopping centres and other public properties. Remove harmful bacteria, viruses and bad odours from the environment to maintain a healthy atmosphere for visitors, shoppers and staff.

STS Hygiene uses advanced air and surface purification technology to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, mould and eliminate odours and harsh fumes from the indoor environment. Air and Surface Purifiers are especially effective for creating and maintaining good air quality and surface hygiene in enclosed environments that are often difficult to thoroughly clean.

Keep your staff, residents and visitors safe from getting infected and spreading viruses and other harmful pathogens within our community. To achieve this goal, STS Hygiene recommends a variety of BioZone Air and Surface Purifiers suited to your hygiene needs.

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BioZone Product Selection Guide

BioZone AirCare:

  • Indoor recreation areas, laundries (small), indoor waste areas,
  • Locker Rooms and Gyms
  • Removing cooking smells from kitchen areas,
  • Washroom / toilet / shower areas
  • Refreshing home / offices for sale
  • Lifts and elevators

BioZone Mini PowerZone:

  • Rapid decontamination of areas where there is a large amount of bacteria and odour
  • Laundries (large) and outdoor waste areas with a large amount of odour.

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Sales of Commercial Steam Cleaning Equipment

Steam cleaning machines and task designed tools are used by Staff and Contract Cleaners that need to ensure thoroughly sanitised equipment and surfaces.

This water efficient method of cleaning uses minimal amounts of water and chemical (or no chemical) to remove grease and grime and to control surface bacteria, viruses and mould.

Why Use Steam?

The gaseous form of steam kills bacteria, excellent degreaser and chemical free sanitiser, is very low psi and poses no risk of damage to all types of surfaces including equipment; all can be cleaned efficiently and ready to use immediately after cleaning. Steam can be used safely around other Staff members, as the steam is confined to the areas being cleaned.

Steam Cleaning Equipment Recommendations:

Steam Cleaning Equipment is suitable for all areas in the Property Management industry,
Commercial kitchens and Staff / Public Amenities:

See the attached REA Compact 3000 VAC Steam Machine

Benefits of Steam

  • To protect the Customers’ reputation and integrity by providing thorough cleaning and sanitising services.
  • To protect the environment and maximise company profits by using less water and chemical.
  • To protect people with chemical sensitives

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