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Making a great first impression on your customers from the moment they step through your door is vital. Presenting your hospitality venue in the most hygienic and welcoming environment as possible is paramount to success. In the case of food service, unhygienic facilities and poor hygiene practices could threaten compliance with food safety standards.

Clean and hygienic facilities are a crucial factor when your customers are deciding to return. For example, the smell is an important sense that hospitality businesses need to utilise to gain a positive perception of your business. Bad odours are caused by unwanted airborne and surface bacteria and mould that has a significant negative impact on customers’ health and enjoyment. If not effectively treated, it ultimately damages your reputation no matter how great the rest of the service.


At STS Hygiene we implement our hygienic cleaning programs in two parts.
Part One – Removal of surface contaminates with our deep steam cleaning services.

Our signature “Deep Clean with Steam” treatment was developed to control surface bacteria, mould, viruses and other pathogens. To prevent the spread of potentially dangerous airborne or surface build-up of pathogens, the sanitising power of steam gently and thoroughly draws out and removes the bacteria and other surface contaminants.

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Part Two – Improvement of air quality to eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and allergens with BioZone Air and Surface Purifiers.
BioZone Air and Surface Purifiers

To maintain the cleanliness of surfaces, it is important to consider the indoor air is free of bacteria, viruses, mould spores, fumes and odours (harmful pathogens and allergens). The unhealthy air quality will quickly contaminate surfaces. With an improvement of air quality will not only create a more pleasant environment; it will create a healthy environment.

STS Hygiene installs and maintains a variety of BioZone Air and Surface Purifiers suited to your hygiene needs. For more information about BioZone Air and Surface Purifying technology.

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Deep Steam Cleaning Services

Deep Clean with Steam is suitable for:
  • Commercial Kitchens and Dining
  • Hotel Accommodation and Entertainment Areas
  • Conference Areas and Offices
  • Facilities Management – Staff and Public Amenities – Garbage Disposal Areas
  • And more

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Commercial Kitchens and Dining

Environments within commercial kitchens and dining areas are perfect habitats for breeding harmful bacteria. If the bacteria in the air and on surfaces remain untreated, it can cause food spoilage and create a negative brand reputation. Poor indoor air quality from commercial kitchens is negatively affected by soot, cooking oil fumes and odours. Moisture and oil / fat droplets in the air combined with food residue make it easy for bacteria and fungi to grow. Microbial decomposition caused by bacteria can release harmful gases which also cause bad odours. There are many bacteria related risks in the food industry which must be addressed to comply with food safety regulations and hygiene standards.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Solutions

Your Cleaning Staff and Cleaning Contractors have a very limited time to carry out thorough cleaning of a commercial kitchen. At STS Hygiene, our Cleaning Technicians provide a cleaning program specifically designed to enhance your regular cleaning schedules. Our ‘Deep Clean with Steam” programs are carried out at a time to avoid your food preparation and food service schedules.

The first line of defence for a hygienic commercial kitchen is cleanliness of all kitchen equipment, food storage areas and other kitchen / dining room surfaces.

Areas suitable for steam cleaning:

All kitchen surfaces including kitchen equipment and cold rooms / food storage areas and Evaporative fan units.

The second line of defence for a hygienic commercial kitchen is the installation of BioZone AirCare Air and Surface Purifiers. The surfaces stay cleaner for longer while the indoor air is free of bacteria, viruses, mould spores, fumes and odours (harmful pathogens and allergens). This will not only create a more pleasant environment; it will create a healthy environment for your Staff and Customers.


Our Deep Clean with Steam programs is more thorough than “Touch Point” cleaning. It is possible to gently and effective steam clean the surfaces of electronic equipment such as poker machines, cash machines, as well as seating and surrounding surfaces for the removal of surface bacteria, viruses and odours without the constant use of chemicals.

Entertainment Area Solutions

STS Hygiene installs and maintains BioZone AirCare Air and Surface Purifier, the surfaces stay cleaner for longer while the indoor air is free of bacteria, viruses, mould spores, fumes and odours (harmful pathogens and allergens). This will not only create a more pleasant environment; it will create a healthy environment. People will more likely stay on longer enjoying the hygienic facilities.


Nobody wants to experience unclean Hotel rooms that show signs of prior habitation. We expect the accommodation to be free of not only visible dust and dirt but also airborne and surface pathogens and allergens.

Accommodation Solutions

At STS Hygiene we have a range of Air and Surface Purifiers to assist the housekeeping staff keep the Hotel rooms free of unhealthy airborne contaminates such as bacteria, viruses and odours.

STS Hygiene promotes the use of advanced technology to completely remove unwanted odours, pathogens and allergens from its source in an environmentally friendly way.

The BioZone Air and Surface Purifiers:

  • Are easy for your Housekeeping Staff to use as well as being very cost effective (low voltage).
  • Do not use fragrances, filters, or chemicals; it is kind to people with sensitivities such as asthma and allergies.
  • Are not just another UV and/or Ozone machine on the market, the purifying equipment integrates five advanced air purifying technologies.

Washroom and Staff Amenities

Thorough steam cleaning services by our Cleaning Technicians are designed to support your daily cleaning activities, periodically boosting the sanitation levels of your workplace to keep amenities fresh. Not only does this remove odour causing bacteria, uric acids, soap, and chemical residues, sanitised amenities are easier for regular cleaning staff to maintain cleanliness. We can follow up with ongoing steam cleaning maintenance to ensure that your workspaces and amenities are sanitised.

Washroom and Staff Amenities Air and Surface Purifying Solutions

Once you have sanitised washrooms and amenities, our Cleaning Technicians can install BioZone AirCare to complement steam cleaning treatments. These surface sanitisation and air purification purifiers will work to keep bacteria, viruses, mould and odours at bay between our steam cleaning services.

Our Steam Cleaning Services can remove the build-up of odour-causing uric salts, soap residue and pathogens from your amenities and washroom facilities:
  • Urinals – stainless steel face, step, rosette, grates and porcelain pig’s ears
  • WC – stainless steel or porcelain bowls, rims, lids, seats
  • Other Fixtures – floors, walls including wall partitions and shower recesses
  • Doors – including door of air lock area and door handles
  • Floors – grout, tiles and vinyl
  • Taps and basins
  • Mirrors and air vents
  • Seating and windowsills

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BioZone Product Selection Guide

  • BioZone AirCare: To refresh a Hotel room and bathroom facilities.
  • BioZone Mini PowerZone: for rapid decontamination of a room and bathroom facilities.
  • BioZone MobiZone: For Travellers wanting a “take anywhere” personal air purifier suitable for vehicles, hotel rooms, waiting areas, bathrooms and personal spaces.

Facilities Management

Conference Rooms air quality can be improved by the addition of a BioZone PR

Eliminate the area of stale air, airborne bacteria, viruses and odour including smoke smells (eliminate those nicotine fumes being brought indoors by conference delegates and Hotel guests).

Front of House, Reception Areas and Bar Areas can be free of airborne and surface bacteria, viruses and odours without the constant use of surface chemicals. That is great news for your Staff and people with chemical sensitivities. Although your Staff cannot avoid contact with your customers, it is important the air and surfaces are free of unhealthy contaminants.

Recommended: BioZone AirCare or Biozone PR.

Refuse / Garbage Disposal Areas

Although refuse/garbage disposal areas are usually out of sight, do not spoil the pleasant ambience of your venue by your Customers noticing smelly garbage bins. Unhealthy odours (airborne bacteria) from refuse and garbage disposal area are effectively eliminated with the installation of:

  • BioZone AirCare for smaller and enclosed areas
  • BioZone Mini PowerZone for larger, semi-enclosed and open areas including rapid decontamination of the area after a product/garbage spill.

STS Hygiene also offers steam cleaning services to keep the refuse/garbage disposal areas clean. Especially beneficial after a product/garbage spill.

TIP: To get optimal effects from the Purifiers, it is important to contact STS Hygiene to match your air quality hygiene needs to the correct Air and Surface Purifier.

Ask us about our BioZone Purchase and Rental Options.

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Sales of Commercial Steam Cleaning Equipment

Steam cleaning machines and task designed tools are used by Contract Cleaners that need to ensure thoroughly degreased and sanitised equipment and surfaces.

This water-efficient method of cleaning uses minimal amounts of water and chemical to remove grease and grime and to control surface bacteria, viruses and mould.

Steam Cleaning Equipment Recommendations:

Steam Cleaning Equipment is suitable for all areas in the hospitality industry.

Commercial kitchens and Staff / Public Amenities:
REA Compact 3000 VAC Steam Machine

Garbage Disposal Areas:
REA 9kW Steam Cleaning Equipment

Why Use Steam?

The gaseous form of steam kills bacteria, excellent degreaser and a chemical-free sanitiser is very low psi and poses no risk of damage to all types of surfaces including equipment; all can be cleaned efficiently and ready to use immediately after cleaning. Steam can be used safely around other Staff members, as the steam is confined to the areas being cleaned.

Benefits of Steam

  • To protect the Customers’ reputation and integrity by providing thorough cleaning services.
  • To protect the environment and maximise company profits by using less water and chemical.
  • To protect people with chemical sensitives.

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