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No matter how many times the surfaces in the office are chemically cleaned and sanitised, if the air contains unhealthy pathogens and allergens such as bacteria, viruses and mould spores, the surfaces within the office will become contaminated very quickly.

Poorly maintained ventilation and air conditioning systems harbor enormous amount of pathogens and allergens, that are continually dispersed throughout the office environment. People coughing, sneezing and not washing their hands properly adds to the toxic brew of community transmission of bacteria and viruses within the office environment.

Fumes and chemicals from the materials of office furniture, office equipment, carpets and aerosol deodourisers including the 3rd hand smoke on smokers’ clothing cause a deterioration of air quality within the office environment.


  • To protect our communities most vulnerable people and their carers.
  • To create a healthier living and working environment.
  • To use chemical free equipment and services that eliminates airborne and surface
  • Pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, mould and odours using technologically advanced Air and Surface Purifiers. Protect people and animals from chemical sensitivities.

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Deep Steam Cleaning Services

Our signature “Deep Clean with Steam” treatment was developed to control surface bacteria, mould, viruses and other pathogens. To prevent the spread of potentially dangerous airborne or surface build up of pathogens, the sanitising power of steam gently and thoroughly draws out and removes the bacteria and other surface contaminants.

Deep Clean with Steam is suitable for:

  • Facilities Management – washrooms, staff and lunch room amenities
  • Garbage disposal areas
  • Office furniture
  • Conference areas and reception areas

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Solution: Improving Air Quality in the Office

Thorough surface cleaning and sanitising of office equipment, doors, walls and other touch points and proper hand hygiene are only part of the solution for a hygienic office environment.

The open office environments, where workspaces and office equipment are shared with a number of colleagues, can be effectively cleaned and sanitised with Air and Surface Purifiers operating 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Air and Surfaces Purifiers

By adding Air and Surfaces Purifiers to the office environment, the air quality will improve. STS Hygiene uses advanced chemical free technology to purify the air and surfaces of indoor environments to eliminate bacteria, viruses and other impurities including odours and chemical fumes from the air.

Clean air means that indoor surfaces will stay cleaner for longer periods of time. Help stop the community spread of bacterial and viral infections and diseases from person to person transmission within the office, home and community.

This is good news for people with skin and respiratory allergic reactions because allergy causing impurities will be removed from the air and surfaces and the Air and Surface Purifiers are chemical-free.

BioZone Product Selection Guide

BioZone AirCare: Washrooms, Staff and Lunch Room Amenities
BioZone PR: Offices, conference areas and passageways
BioZone MobiZone: Corporate vehicles

Ask us about our BioZone Purchase and Rental Options.

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Helping your industry with your COVID Safe Plan.

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Sales of Commercial Steam Cleaning Equipment

Steam cleaning machines and task designed tools are used by Staff and Contract Cleaners that need to ensure thoroughly sanitised equipment and surfaces.

This water efficient method of cleaning uses minimal amounts of water and chemical (or no chemical) to remove grease and grime and to control surface bacteria, viruses and mould.

Why Use Steam?

The gaseous form of steam kills bacteria, excellent degreaser and chemical free sanitiser, is very low psi and poses no risk of damage to all types of surfaces including equipment; all can be cleaned efficiently and ready to use immediately after cleaning. Steam can be used safely around other Staff members, as the steam is confined to the areas being cleaned.

Steam Cleaning Equipment Recommendations:

Steam Cleaning Equipment is suitable for all areas:

  • Facilities Management – washrooms, staff and lunch room amenities
  • Garbage disposal areas
  • Office furniture
  • Conference areas and reception areas

Benefits of Steam

  • To protect the Customers’ reputation and integrity by providing thorough cleaning and sanitising services.
  • To protect the environment and maximise company profits by using less water and chemical.
  • To protect people with chemical sensitives

Steam Cleaning Machines

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